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Emergency Department and Cath Lab Receive STEMI Certification to Prepare for Most Severe Types of Cardiac Failure

Last month, the Emergency Department and Cath Lab departments participated in receiving the STEMI certification. This stands for ST elevation myocardial infarction which is the most serious and deadly type of heart attack. 30-38% of sufferers from this type of cardiac arrest die within five years of the attack.

According to Jan Anotado, Director, Cardiac Cath Lab, CHA HPMC, “The STEMI Receiving Center (SRC) program review is conducted by Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services (LAC-EMS), every 3 years, to make sure that SRC facilities are fit and suitable to provide specialized cardiac care. By passing the review, CHA Hollywood Presbyterian is able to maintain our designation as a SRC facility, therefore allowing us to continue to serve and care for heart attack victims from the community as routed to us by LAC-EMS.”

The managers that made the program review such a success for ED and Laboratory were Dr. Edwin Lee (SRC Medical Director), Anna Marie Jimenea (SRC Program Manager), Usrah Hamzie (CNO), Darra Burton-Sanders (ED Manager), Roselynn Ann Bautista (ED/ICU Educator) and Jan Anotado, (Director Cardiac Cath Lab).

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